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  • 2024
    • January
      • 23rd - Hello, world!~ The site is born. Added index and style.css. It's a pleasure to meet you all!
      • 25th - Added Site About!
      • 26th - Added Guestbook link!
    • February
      • 18th - Marked certain buttons as inactive! ;D
      • 22nd - Edited index, made it a little cleaner. Moved Updates to their own page.
    • March
      • 6th - Added About page, probably still WIP/too complex.
      • 13th - Added Characters page, will always be a WIP.
      • 19th - Updated index, added several more webrings; updated site about, added other sites. Will add button soon...
      • 20th - Added Digital Garden page, which will always be a work in progress. :)
      • 22nd - Added site button :)
      • 23rd - Added Litterbox page and some other, extra tidbits. (Quotebot, Etienne blogpage)
      • 23rd (again) - Added Blog page :)
      • 26th - Index V2 already... I'm so indecisive!
      • 26th (again) - New About, Site, Neighborhood page
      • 27th, 28th - Forgot to log things here, but: made left sidebar an iFrame for easier updating and added Sitemap.
      • 28th, 29th - Edited Blog. Streamlined it. :)
    • April
      • 11th - Added Guestbook to Sitely (sorry it wasn't so clearly placed before!), added a button or two to Neighborhood
      • 16th - Added the Sitemap to /site (just makes more sense, I think). Added Chiikawa, Hachiware and headphones cat to main layout.
      • 16th (again) - Added a Cbox and edited the Updates page to match the rest of the site's main theming.
      • 18th - Changed favicon, added a button to /neighborhood. :)
      • 18th (again) - Changed body background and site background, and did some adjustments to the main page... removed Copyheart from footer, I'm sorry. :(
      • 20th - Added little floating, falling stars :)
      • 21st - Adopted a Tamanotchi! Also, made the disclaimer div expand on hover so it doesn't take up so much of the index. :)

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